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Military Missions of Special Purpose. Angola - "ВОЕННЫЕ МИССИИ ОСОБОГО НАЗНАЧЕНИЯ. Ангола"

The first Soviet military specialists appeared in Angola immediately after the independence of the country on 11 November 1975

In 1974, in Portugal, a colony of which Angola was a colony, advanced officers from the armed forces were brought to power and granted independence to African countries.

In November 1975, in Angola in the " King of the mountain the fed began to play three main national liberation movements: the popular movement for the liberation of Angola (Mpla), the national liberation front of Angola (Fnla) and the National Union for the total independence of Angola (Unita ) The movement movement, as a separatist, borovsheyesya for the angolan oil-Rich Province of Cabinda (the United States did not stop its oil production for a day), did not "let" in the first place in g. Nairobi, and then in g. Alvor agreements on joint action for the benefit of the angolan people.

The movements have always fought between themselves, and their leaders, first of all because of their membership of various tribal ethnic, were among each other. But there were also serious political differences.

Fnla recruited his supporters mainly from the tribe tribe, and his chief, Holden Robert leave, the Chinese model of independent development. Also, as a relative of the president of the neighbouring zaire, general mobutu cesset seko, (they were married to sisters). X. Robert, from soulful impulses, apparently naveyannykh " the light goals of the national liberation struggle ", wanted to " donate " part of the angolan territory to its sister. The alleged gift was go: North-East Angola is one of the richest diamond in the world.

Unita Leader Jonas savimbi engaged, subsequently, with government forces in the forests and Savannah of Angola up to 22 February 2002, when his their as a wild beast and proshili line from the machine, was one of the leaders of the angolan the, a common chiefs In the middle of the country and in words, it has sought to build a " Negritude " - So-called " African socialism ". the essence of this exercise can be reduced to one phrase: " Africa is for indigenous

Based on the inhabitants of the country's capital and coastal cities, it was supported by the tribe tribe and several other ethnic groups. Agoshtinʹyu, the leader of this movement, has publicly " strongly condemned American imperialism and western western politics " and sought to " the path of socialist development ", but apparently the yugoslav model of socialism was closer to him. However, many allies have not received military-political training in the Soviet Union, and the Soviet leadership has influenced their influence in the correction of its proyugoslavskiy position. It was managed, as well as the love of poetry and alcohol beverages, which was evaluated as a metaphysical nature and spoke of weakness. Therefore, the USSR decided to provide Angola with diplomatic and political support, food, medicine, machinery and equipment, and... Naturally, weapons.

The forces of mpla, supported by the population of the capital, have been dislodged from the luanda of former allies On 11 November 1975, the leader of mpla agoshtinʹyu was no single country.

Black Rebels for a decade and a half, fought with colonial forces among themselves before becoming full masters of the country. Who first and why started a civil war? Each of the parties accused the other. Thus, the National Liberation War is smooth into civilian.

And the Soviet Union, "strongly defended the mpla - the true representative of the people of suffering angola".

The chain reaction was launched. The Soviet military technicians began to arrive after (or more accurately) weapons and equipment. And the military advisers are behind them. The advisers were always accompanied by military interpreters.

Officially, in Angola, the armed struggle with kontrrevolyutsionerami, supported by South Africa, LED only the government forces (Fapla) and the 40th Cuban Expeditionary Force, but we did not participate in combat, only assisted in the construction and training of the armed forces and assisted in the preparation of the And the planning of combat operations...

(read the officer's diary.

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