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The Soviet Military Mission to Angola
According to Vladimir Shubin, from the Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Science, in his paper on "The USSR and Southern Africa during the Cold War":

The history of the Soviet military involvement in Angola is still to be written. A first step in this respect was a conference held with the participation of the Institute for African Studies and publication of representations made there mostly by the veterans. According to General Robello Leal Ran1os Monteiro 'Ngongo', then the Angolan Ambassador in Moscow (and more recent Minister of Interior), all in all, over 6 000 Soviets came to Angola "to teach inmilitary schools and academies and to train our regular units" and over 1000 Soviet military visited it for "shorter periods of time" while 6 965 Angolans underwent military training in the Soviet Union. Figures provided by the Moscow Institute of Military History are even higher: "up to 1 January 1991 10 985 Soviet military advisors and specialists visited Angola, including 107 generals and admirals, 7 211 officers, 1083 warrant-Officers and midshipmen, 2 116 sergeants, petty officers and privates and 468 civilian employees of the Soviet Army and Navy" (most of them served with the Angolan government army, but some with the ANC, SWAPO and, earlier, ZAPU as well); 6 985 Angolans were trained in the Soviet/Russian "military educational institutions" up to 1 January 1995. As to military supplies, according to the Soviet archives they amounted to 3, 7 billion Roubles from 1976 to February 1989 and arms for 600 million Roubles were to be delivered in 1989-1990.

With the growth of numbers of instructors and advisors from the USSR, Major-General Ilya Ponomarenko; was appointed in the head of the newly created Soviet military mission in early 1976. His (and his successors') official title was Chief Military Advisor - Advisor of the Minister of Defence. The next people to occupy this position were Lieutenant-General Vassily Shakhnovich (1978-1980) and then Lieutenant­ General Georgy Petrovsky (1980-1982).

For his excellent service during the World War Two Petrovsky received the highest Soviet award - a Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union and before coming to Luanda he occupied an important post of the Chief of Staff of the Transcaucasian Military District . But having left for holidays in 1982 he did not return to Angola, ostensibly for health reasons. So, in May that year came a new GVS (a Russian abbreviation of Glavnyi Voennyi Sovetnik - Chief Military Advisor).

Source: "The USSR and Southern Africa during the Cold War", by Vladimir Shubin, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Science

Who was Who in the Soviet Military Mission
Artiomenko, Anatoly Mikhailovich, Lieutenant Colonel
Chief Soviet Military Advisor to FAPLA's 21 Infantry Brigade, during 1987
Belyaev, Valery, Lieutenant-General
Chief Military Advisor in Angola in 1988-1989
Gusev, Pyotr (Peter), Lieutenant-General
He was born August 1, 1931 GV village. Lower Umetgurt Seltinskogo district and. Order of the Red Banner, the Order "For Service to the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, Red Star and medals. He graduated from the Military Infantry School, Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR. Commanded a regiment, division, corps. Head of the Soviet Military Mission and Chief Military Advisor in Angola in 1987
Kurochkin, Konstantin, Colonel-General
Involved in World War 2 (1941-1945); the conflict in Czechoslovakia in 1968; the conflict in Afghanistan; appointed Chief Military Advisor in Angola from 1982 to 1985
Kuzmenko, Leonid, Lieutenant-General
Chief Military Advisor in Angola in 1986-1987
Shayda, Vladimir V., Colonel
Chief of Soviet Military Advisors and Specialists Team with SWAPO, from 1985 to 1988
Surodev, Major-General
Chief Military Advisor in Angola in 1990-1991, Chief Military Consultant in Angola in 1991-1992
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