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Weekly Timeline for "The Final Phase": Aug 1987 to Jul 1988 *
November 1987
26Last Attacks of Moduler
The intention for November 26 was for Combat Group Charlie to move past the flank of the position opened by Bravo the previous day, and then up along the road to Tumpo, advancing approximately half-way and then settling down to cut off Fapla while Unita again attacked the main position.  For an historical account of this encounter, see the Historical Accounts section.
November 1987
27Fapla's morale boosted
For Fapla, the failure of the attacks on 25 and 26 November were a welcome boost to the sagging morale of their troops. For the first time in the campaign they could point to a victory, having beaten off two consecutive attacks. Their determination to hold on to the east bank of the Cuito stiffened accordingly.
November 1987
28G-6s withdrawn
The G-6 troop now packed up and moved out of its deployment area on 28 November. The guns had been in action almost daily since the 9th. They had fired some ninety rounds per gun per day, all charge 2 or 3, mostly HE base-bleed. They took just over two days to cover the 130 kilometres of bush back to Mavinga, breaking a new logistics route as they went. From Mavinga they went back to Rundu along the existing route.
November 1987
29Fapla's First Defence Line
25 Brigade was deployed just north of the Chambinga bridge, with its defences facing east. 59 Brigade w the north of 25 Brigade, deployed in battalion and company positions dispersed over a large area. It generally faced east, but also had elements facing north-east. 21 Brigade was north of 59 Brigade, and just south of the Cuatir river. It had two outposts deployed to the east, facing north-east and south-east respectively.
November 1987
30Fapla's Second Defence Line
Tactical Group 2 was deployed south-east of Tumpo, north of the Cuito-Chambinga confluence and had at least a company of ten tanks with it. 66 Brigade was deployed in the Tumpo area with other elements, including twenty-five tanks. 16 Brigade was deployed between 66 Brigade and the Dala River, with one battalion on each side of the Lupire road, forming the northern end of the line.
December 1987
1Fapla's Third Defence Line
13 Brigade, reinforced with a Cuban battalion, was responsible for the defence of Cuito Cuanavale itself. The Divisional Air Defence Brigade was now also deployed in and around the town. A company of 13 Brigade was deployed at Baixa Longa as a screen.
December 1987
2G-5s continued interdiction
The G-5s continued their interdiction of Fapla movement on and to their positions, while the Unita screen hampered them in their efforts to drive off the observers.
*Extracts taken with the author's permission from: “War In Angola - The Final South African Phase“, by Helmoed-Römer Heitman (See Bibliography) For the Background and the Run-up to Intervention, get the book!

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